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Donate to support pregnant and nursing mothers

Reduce disparities in access through good nutrition and self-care

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You are making an investment for those who cradle our future. Every Penny Counts!

The plight of our nation and exclusion of black and brown mothers in sacrificial zones, A Mother’s Justice emerged, providing a holistic approach to reducing maternal mortality and low infant birth weight through good nutrition and advocacy.

Your donation today will address the lack of resources, provide access to fresh foods, and offer nutritional training for economically disadvantaged communities.

Together we will provide life-enhancing nutritional education and services to communities that are nutritionally destitute as a result of social, economic, and environmental disparities.

We acknowledge the critical link between food system issues and health inequities. We circulate expertise and invest resources in hunger prevention, nutrition education, baby/maternal risk.
Your support will allow us to assist Virginia in implementing actions to address disparities in maternal health and improve maternal health outcomes such as:
  • Reduce NICU admission by 5%
  • Improve rates of Prenatal/postnatal care more than 30% over the nation's average
  • Reduce the cost of associated care by 5% among Medicaid recipients, high-risk pregnant women.